Chryssanthi in the folkdance group of her high s.
Chryssanthi (second from the left) in traditonall greek costume dancing greek dances.

Chryssanthi Sahar- a passionate dancer

Chryssanthi took her first dancing steps in her homeland of Greece when she was a small child. The Greeks love dance and music and it is a matter of pride to be a good dancer there. Dancing was always a part of Chryssanthi’s family-tradition and all of her family loved to dance the Greek folk dances. One of the dances they loved the most was the Greek Belly Dance called “Tsifteteli”. Chryssanthi’s grandparents (who originally came from Asia Minor in the Black Sea area) loved to dance the Tsifteteli. (Chryssanthi’s grandparents were Greek, but had to leave their homes in Asia Minor because of the population exchange between Greece and Turkey which took place in 1922.) As a result of her grandparents’ love of dance, Chryssanthi grew up belly dancing. In additon to belly dancing, she also loved other Greek traditional dances. Chryssanthi was also a member of her high school’s folkdance group. Together, they often performed traditional dances for the public.

Chryssanthi on the stage
Stage performance of the German-Egyptian club, Spring of1989.

Studying the bellydancing

At the age of 19, Chryssanthi went to Germany to attend the university. It was there that she met her future husband, a wonderful German guy whom she eventually married. While in Germany, Chryssanthi also had her first contact with Arabian belly dancing (known as Raks Sharqi). Chryssanthi had a life changing experience when she listened and danced to the music of an Arabian band which was performing at a university party. Fascinated by the Arabian music, she decided to learn more about Arabian belly dancing. She started by visiting bellydancing classes. When Arabian musicians saw her performing with her first belly dance teacher’s group, they were so impressed by her extraordinary talent that they asked her to work with them. Chryssanthi was honoured to do this and as a result she learned much about Arabian music, dance and culture.

Chryssanthi with Ibrahim Abu Hassan
Chryssanthi has been working for years with the famous arabian drummer Ibrahim Abu Hassan.

Being a professional dancer

Chryssanthi performed as a belly dancer for almost six years while studying at the university. After finishing her M.A. in German language and education, she decided to make bellydancing her sole profession. During the next six years, Chryssanthi worked very intensively as a bellydancing performer and teacher. She danced at numerous events, parties, festivals and restaurants. She also taught many classes.

Chryssanthi privately

Taking a break

Chryssanthi’s six years as a professional were very intensive and precious but also very tiring. As a result, Chryssanthi decided to take a break from dancing professionally. Though she still loved dance passionately, she wanted to embark on something different. Soon there after she started studying at the university again, this time pursuing Japanese Language and Culture and Cultural Anthropology. She reduced the number of her performances and stopped giving dancing classes. At the same time she studied new dances such as Salsa and Ballroom Dance. In addition she studied Oriental Martial Arts, particularly the Japanese style.
Chryssanthi spent one year living and studying in Tokyo, Japan during this time.

Chryssanthi Sahar, August 2003

Come back

Upon completion of her advanced degrees, Chryssanthi decided to return to bellydancing. In 2003, she started performing and teaching belly dancing again thus starting a new brilliant career as a dancer and teacher.
Since 2004 Chryssanthi has been operating more and more on an international level. She has taught several workshops and participated many performances in different countries (like Canada, Japan, Italy) and especially in her home country Greece.
Chryssanthi became January 2005 member of the CID (International Dance Council), an organization which belongs to UNESCO and she also became January 2008 member of the Free Theater Association in Heidelberg.
February 2008 Chryssanthi opened her own dance studio, called "Kinisis". The word "kinisis" is Greek and it means "movement". The studio has become the most important part of her work. She teaches weekly and monthly belly dance courses, as well as workshops and she also invites other teachers for workshops. Another important part of her dancing work is the organization of her “Oriental Flow” as well as other shows, where she performs with her students and her ensemble and which take place in different theaters and others locations in Heidelberg several times a year.