On this site you see different pictures from Chryssanthi's performances over ther years, from her very first performance untill today.

First public performance
in the greek restaurant "Larimna" in Heidelberg (February 1986)

"Mata Hari"

Chryssanthi on the stage
Stage performance of the German-Egyptian club, Spring of1989.


Chryssanthi was dancing for long time (1989-1992) in the arabian restaurant "Alladin", always with live music. "Alladin" was an important step in Chryssanthi's dancing career, because there she got to know the real Raks Sharqi and the arabian culture and she worked with first-class arabian musicians.


Chryssanthi had been dancing for many years (1989-1994) in the turkish restaurants "Merhaba" and "Urfa" in Mannheim. Here she is on stage with an arabian live band.

Mit Erkan Serge
Chryssanthi with Erkan Serge (famous turkish dancer) in "Merhaba"

Kisses for the audiance


With Reza in Merhaba
Chryssanthi and Reza (famous persian dancer) in Merhaba

Reza again

Model for Sakkara
Sakkara ist one of the biggest companies for distributing belly dance costumes, music and accesories. Chryssanthi was Sakkara's first Model.

Sakkara's Dancing Event
May 1992

Sakkara's "All Stars"

"Alte Gundtei"
Chryssanthi had been dancing for some years (1988-1992) in the turkish restaurant "Alte Gundtei" in Heidelberg. Now she is dancing there again.

With arabian musicians at a turkish event
Nayef Taha and band "Al Andaluz"

Dance with the sword
In "La Pyramide",an arabian restaurant in Heilbronn. Chryssanthi had beeing dancing there from 1992 to 1995. On the picture you can see the arabian band "Al Sharq" with Ibrahim Abu Hassan (famous arabian musician) playing the drumms.

With Ibrahim Abu Hassan

Fire of Orient
Chryssanthi with her students at the finale of the event "Fire of Orient" (1994)

With Oasis Dance Company
(famous german dance group from Berlin), after a performance

This was just a very small part of Chryssanthi's activities, only some of the most important stations of her bellydancing career. Chryssanthi has been dancing for very many years at a huge number of events, so that it is not possible to show her entire work in pictures. And the performances are going on and on... new pictures

August 2003 - Chryssanthi is back!